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Dental implants are a very valuable choice for people that are missing teeth due to decay, accident or whatever the reason. People have situations where teeth could be broken. Regardless, your reason for wanting an Evansville dentist to insert a dental implant is most likely to reobtain that beautiful smile you had before. It’s definitely embarrassing when you open your mouth to smile and missing teeth are very noticeable. An Evansville dentist is capable of restoring your mouth to that previous gleam that you desire to reinforce the confidence in your smile you’ve been lacking.


What are Dental Implants?


Interested huh? Well, dental implants are usually artificial teeth roots that are implanted into your jaw. These implants are able to be drilled in a manner that supports the teeth and restores a balance to your mouth. Dental implants are supposed to bond to your jaw, and recreate a base for the support of the artificial teeth. All types of teeth are able to be supported by dental implants. Regardless your requirement, an Evansville dentist is capable of customizing each implant to the shape and size of your mouth. You can even install an entire denture to your mouth through dental implants! Of course, that option would be quite expensive. According to the Evansville dentist, Dr. Max Lingo,

“Because the success rate of implants is so high, our implant dentist Dr. Lingo can give you results that last a lifetime.” 


How Long does a Dental Implant Last?


Teeth replacement treatments have a wide variety of lifespans. However, dental implants have the longest lifespans of all the different treatment options available. Having an Evansville dentist install dental implants is not only cost effective due to said lifespan, but with proper care these procedures could last a lifetime. Imagine all your worries over having a missing tooth just vanish after one procedure. These are life changing surgeries. For some people, you can even try to look into denture implants! An Evansville dentist is capable of installing an entire system of implants attached to your jaw. This would not only support the bones in your mouth, but allow crowns to be inserted throughout your entire mouth.


Cost Effectiveness of Dental Implants


So, you’re getting a full denture implanted into your mouth and you’re prepared to break the bank for that beautiful smile to return to you once again. Well, if it’s a full denture then you are going to be paying a pretty hefty buck. However, dental implants, compared to other tooth replacement treatments, are one of the most cost effective options available to you. However, it is important you have a trusted provider. Dr. Max Lingo is an Evansville dentist with plenty of experience:

“Having an implant specialist like Dr. Lingo complete your treatment will have a tremendous impact on your results.”

Firstly, you need to establish with your Evansville dentist how many implants you need. Once that is decided, the type of implant will be discussed, whether you require any procedures prior to the treatment and which teeth need replacing. Your main factors will be number of teeth needing replacement and type of dental implant. Your Evansville dentist will of course work with you to figure out your best course of action in order to receive the greatest results.


Evansville Dentist Dental Implants; What to Expect


The procedure plan for a dental implant operation is pretty standard with most other dental procedures. Upon arriving for your first consultation over your dental implants, your Evansville dentist will perform a thorough investigation of your mouth. Once the findings are recorded, you can expect to have X-rays and 3D imaging done. After all scanning and findings are finished, your Evansville dentist will either start discussing your options for implants, or recommend other treatments first in order to reestablish your oral health.

On your next appointment, after all pre-treatment options are completed, you will begin your dental implant procedure. First, the dental implant itself will be placed into your jawbone where your tooth, or teeth, are missing. Most people are usually able to return to their work life the next day after this procedure is completed. Although, like most oral surgeries, you can expect soreness, swelling and possible bleeding.


Evansville dentist


Your next step is Osseointegration. This incredible word just means that your dental implant and jawbone will begin to grow together. This process could take a few months and at the beginning you will be on a strict soft food diet. Care must be made when chewing to not disturb the process of melding the dental implant and your jawbone. If you wish, you can ask your Evansville dentist to install temporary teeth during this process as well.

Once the healing is completed you will be moving into the final stages of the treatment. Your Evansville dentist will install an abutment next. This is a small connector between the implant and the crown that will be installed afterwards. Once the abutment(s) are installed and your mouth is healed once again, you will be asked to make impressions of your mouth so that your Evansville dentist can make your artificial teeth. These teeth will be custom-made to your mouth in order to not disturb the other healthy teeth you still have.


Life After your Evansville Dentist Installs Dental Implants


Once you have completed the full dental implant treatment from your Evansville dentist, you can be rest assured that your teeth will be in tip top shape for a long time. Although the are dental implants, they will still require the normal care at which you would give your actual teeth. Be sure to have periodic check ups with your Evansville dentist in order to maintain proper oral health between your real and artificial teeth.

Lastly, here are a few positive benefits from receiving dental implants from an Evansville dentist from Dr. Max Lingo:

  • “Implant dentists can replace all of your teeth at once”
  • “Implants are stronger than any other type of tooth replacement”
  • “Dental implants give you stronger bone support”
  • “The results from implants treatments usually last for a lifetime”
  • “With dental implants, you can avoid altering your healthy, adjacent teeth”


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