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Most people in this era have almost a phobia of doctors and dentists. Unfortunately for them, this is the worst thing you can do for your body. The very best form of protection for your body is prevention. Prevention is attained by taking the necessary measures given to you by your medical professionals. Their job is to check up on you every now and then to ascertain whether there may be anything wrong with you. Attending your regular Evansville dentist appointments may assure you that your oral health is in tip top shape, and you don’t require any methods of further prevention.


Recommend to Visit a Dentist Every Six Months


The average Evansville dentist will recommend that you visit every six months or so in order to check that you’re maintaining the oral hygiene. As long as you are doing so, no further appointments are required and you can go about your life without worry for your teeth. However, if your Evansville dentist notices some irregularities, they may try to schedule follow up appointments for things such as cavities, whitening’s and deep cleanings. These are normal procedures that usually require just one additional appointment to fix the issue.

Now, this is all the case if you’re maintaining your regular Evansville dentist appointments. However, if you are not doing so, your next visit can bring up some problems that may require a few dentist appointments. Possible gingivitis from lack of oral hygiene. This would require multiple visits of deep cleaning procedures from your Evansville dentist in order to fix the problem. This is just one of many problems that may arise from lack of attention to your oral health. Just one visit to an Evansville dentist such as Dr. Max Lingo can save you a lot of tooth ache in the long run.


Teeth Cleaning from your Evansville Dentist


After you finally get out and visit your Evansville dentist, you’ll find that there are options available to you for your teeth cleanings and whitening’s. If required, cleanings are available to try to return your teeth to a healthier state. During a dental cleaning you can expect:

  1. Visual Observation and Exam
    1. Prior to the process of cleaning, expect a thorough examination of your mouth to check for any signs of problems such as inflammation or gingivitis. This will allow your Evansville dentist to determine if you they need proceed with extra caution.
  2. Removal of Plaque
    1. Your gums and teeth slowly begin building up plaque over time if proper brushing and flossing is not performed. Once the plaque is not dealt with, it begins to harden and eventually become tartar. Tartar is really only able to be removed by your Evansville dentist. The process is completed by close examination through use of a small mirror and a tiny scraper to remove said plaque and tartar
  3. Cleaning with Toothpaste
    1. Medical professionals have a special toothpaste that allows them to scrub your teeth with extra precision. This special toothpaste has a gritty consistency. Your dentist will make sure to clean your teeth extra good because the procedure is usually only completed once every six months.
  4. Flossing
    1. After the cleaning, you’ll be given a very intense flossing job to make sure there is no leftover plaque and tartar remaining. Bleeding is common, especially if proper oral hygiene is not kept up with.
  5. Rinse and Fluoride
    1. You’re almost completed with your cleaning. Once all the scraping, flossing and careful brushing, your teeth should feel darn near perfect. Rinse all the rest out, hopefully no blood, and prepare for your final fluoride rinse before you can escape the chair.


Evansville dentist


Professional Teeth Whitening


So, your teeth feel extra clean and there aren’t any abnormalities going on in your mouth. However, after all that lack of care your enamel is decaying and you’re noticing stains on your teeth. There are lots of different teeth whitening options available to you. Of course, you can try all the at home DIY ways, but trusting your Evansville dentist is probably your best bet. Professional teeth whitening is extremely common these days. Having your teeth whitening procedure completed in a controlled environment such as a doctor’s office is definitely the safest place.

Regardless what you decide, there are always advantages and disadvantages to almost every situation. On the plus side, having an Evansville dentist complete the procedure guarantees you with the fastest results. This is, of course, the safest form of bleaching. You may do it at home, but who’s to say you will complete it correctly? Less painful and invasive measures are taken at your Evansville dentist as well.

Cons of going to a professional is just about what you expect. The costs are higher than other methods as well as over-the-counter options. Most insurance providers don’t usually cover cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening as well. Many of the operations require at home follow up care that you must commit to completing. Otherwise, you run the risk that your teeth return to the original stain beforehand. Contact an Evansville dentist such as Dr. Max Lingo to discuss options and schedule an appointment.


ZOOM! Teeth Whitening from your Evansville Dentist


Ask your Evansville dentist about the ZOOM! teeth whitening service. This cosmetic operation assures that your teeth will be spick and span. Teeth cleanings are recommended before the procedure, how it actually takes less than an hour. ZOOM! uses a special lamp that’s said to accelerate the bleaching process by breaking down the hydrogen peroxide. As it is broken down, the ZOOM! system replaces it with oxygen and dentin in order to bleach the teeth while maintaining their original structure.

The average cost of the ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure by your Evansville dentist costs around $500. This price is actually affordable compared to most other cosmetic oral operations. After the whitening service is completed, you will be given a ZOOM! device to use at home in order to maintain the effects. Outside of course from the health benefits of removing coffee and tobacco, your Evansville dentist will recommend that you stay away from said products. This is due to the fact that they have chances to stain your teeth and we don’t want that! Dr. Max Lingo is a dentist certified in Evansville, IN that is able to complete this procedure!

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