War isn’t the only issue going on with the world to start the decade. Australia is having one of the most brutal summers ever. The entire ecosystem is going through a burning point. Pieces of the continent are literally lighting up in flames. Animals are dying and species are going through a near extinction period. This year truly sparked one of the worst wildfires in history. There have already been reports of over two dozen deaths. Animal deaths on the other hand are much worse. With amounts reaching over one-billion, this catastrophe is at one of the highest marks.


Over One-Billion Animal Deaths Have Been Recorded


That’s right. Each biosystem within Australia is home to thousands of species. Each of these species is going to have tens or hundreds of thousands per popular. The entirety of Australia is home to one of the widest varieties of animals on Earth. So, this loss of life comes at an extreme disheartening to the world. From koalas to camels. All different species of animals have lost their life. Researchers claim that the loss of animals could surpass the billions if they haven’t already. Unfortunately, an exact number is nearly impossible due to the massive scale of the fires.


Australia Wildfires


Australia’s wildfires, or bushfires, have impacted the country’s ecosystem for a long time. With summer, comes the burning of crops and habitats to restart for the new season. However, the bushfires have always been an issue of seriousness. Australia has lost hundred of civilians to these fires and even more animals. These fires can come very quickly. Due to the heat, a small flame will eventually spread to much greater areas. Extremely high heats can start a fire. If lightning struck during a storm, this could eventually lead to a very large bushfire. Regardless, this year was one of the worst of all.