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John Bolton, previous National Security Advisor of the United States of America has recently been attempting to publish his book. This book named “The Room Where It Happened” has alleged claims towards information that is on a national security level. Our National Security Council reached out to John Bolton’s lawyer to inform him that they are unable to publish the book without removing some of the classified information that John Bolton is trying to publish. Unfortunately, this angered the Democratic side trying to impeach the president at the Senate impeachment trial.


Bolton Book Has Classified Information


According to White House officials and the National Security Council, John Bolton’s new book has some areas where it displays and talks about classified information. Although no other information other than the fact there is a chapter relating to Trump and Ukraine has been released, there is said to be classified information. This letter was from the White House itself. In other words, this is technically a motion of national security until they say otherwise. All the National Security Council is trying to do is eliminate the chance of sensitive information relating to national security to hit a paper trail by notion of an author. Due to John Bolton being involved in sensitive government information for the past 15 years, it is understandable that they wish to ensure that it follows non-disclosure elements.


Non-Disclosure is a Binding Agreement


When you start almost any job, you sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that you don’t cause harm to the business once you leave the job. Regardless the intensity, if you agreed that some information is secret, then you must abide by said non-disclosure agreement. This comes with even more seriousness when it has to do with the White House and the National Security Council. Could you imagine if everyone that ended their careers at the White House published a book relating to sensitive information? That would turn into a national security crisis. Once John Bolton removes the sensitive information, then there will be no issue with the National Security Council to allow publication.

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