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An unprecedented event is happening to the royal family this year. Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, are stepping down from the duties of the royal family. As a surprise to most of the royal family and the world, they are renouncing their duties within the royal family and wish to spend time of their own around the world. As of right now, their plans are to split time in between the UK and Los Angeles, California. Their goal is to eventually be able to spend most of their time away from the UK and the responsibilities of the royal family.


Financially Independent of the Royal Family


The responsibilities that come with the royal family are large. With being part of said responsibilities also comes a large amount of spotlight. Unfortunately, this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. Megan Markle and Prince Harry no longer wish to be forced into their position of society. The Dutch and Duchess of Sussex are however still very much in the spotlight of the media with this move. On the other hand, their financial independence is already under way. By revoking their responsibilities and duties from the royal family and seeking independence in the United States, they are truly striving for a life of their own.


Life Out of the Spotlight


Although the Dutch and Duchess of Sussex renounced their titles and are striving to stay away from the media, it is not that simple. This huge change in the eyes of the royal family is big news for the media. In fact, both Prince Harry and Megan Markle have lawsuits with the press over invasion of privacy. Their son, Archie, had the events of the birth on a low-key environment. Both godparents were not revealed and their plans for the future are unknown to most. Maybe its time to respect the wishes of members of the royal family who wish to disassociate from their duties. Keep an eye open in Los Angeles though! You may see some ex-royalty!

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