On Friday, January 31, 2020, the Health and Human Services within the United States has declared a public health emergency. The reason being the coronavirus. Within Wuhan, China, there was recently an extreme outbreak of the virus. In fact, the amount of cases is rising towards the 10,000 mark. Also, there is already a death toll of the virus. At least 213 people have suffered fatal results of this deadly virus. As people within the United States are showing positive results for tests, the country is being put into a state of emergency.


What is the Coronavirus?


A coronavirus is type of common virus that infects the ear, nose and throat system. It effects the respiratory system and can lead to severe cases of pneumonia. Some cases can be mild. However, this year the outbreak within China may be the worst case of the coronavirus discovered. 2019-nCov is the name of the current strain of virus and is putting a damper on the entire world. This virus is capable of spreading through close contact. Unfortunately, that may not be the only way this virus can spread as more research needs to be conducted. Thankfully, coronaviruses aren’t able to stay on a surface for long periods of time.


Coronavirus Infecting the World?


Due to China being caught off-guard by this devastating virus, travelers that have been through have a chance of bringing said virus to their home country. Currently, most if not all the reported cases within the United States have been contained and are prevented from being spread. However, other nations are also beginning to feel the effect of the virus. Russia has recently reported cases of the virus. Britain has also been reporting cases of the virus. Even Italy has been reporting cases and plans to declare a state of emergency for the country. Be careful, stay clean and try to remain healthy!