As tension grows between the United States and Iran, the world is beginning to see the despair that war brings. Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane during all the tension. This flight was just in the air space and was carrying 176 civilians before it was surprised by an anti-air defense system. The plane was brought down and Iran originally denied all claims that it was part of the tragedy. A few days later they took responsibility for sending the missile.


How Did This Happen?


Since the beginning of the year, there has been a ton of unrest in the world. Pro-Iranian militia sieged the United States Embassy, the United States bombed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and Iran shot down a civilian aircraft. The possibilities of war in the world puts everyone in a situation that leaves errors all over. This aircraft being shot down by Iran is a tragedy of the greatest kind. Innocent people returning from seeing family or vacation for the new year just eliminated entirely. On a mistaken whim of a scared country. Regardless of the fact there are war situations arising within the Middle East, there is no excuse for this.


Iran Caught Red Handed


Iran was in the wake of losing a major General in their country. Qasem Soleimani’s death through the entire nation into turmoil. With some declaring revenge or even bounties on the head of Donald Trump. We are in scary times that travelling through the air of a country that is on edge could mean you get shot down by anti-air defense systems. To believe that they would lie over the fact that they shot down a plane makes it even worse. 176 people lost their lives on the whim of an unnecessary military decision. Stay grounded for now. The air is unsafe.