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This week a Florida Man rode on horseback to attempt to burglarize a home. In an effort to get into a home in New Port Richey, Florida, he was caught on security cameras by the owner. The owner alerted the authorities and the burglar was apprehended at the scene.


But…A Get Away Horse?


Its known that in order to commit a successful burglary you require some form of transportation to escape. However, most people’s idea of escape in this day and age wouldn’t be horseback in an ideal situation. Horseback robberies haven’t been a topic of discussion in many a year really. It’s no longer the era of a deceitful attempt to get into a bank, and escaping by riding a horse to the nearest train get away station. Lonnie Maddox, 52, and also known as “The Rooster,” thinks quite the contrary though.

On the morning of July 25th Maddox rode up to the property on Angel, his horse, and attempted to enter. Angel departed from the estate as Maddox wandered to the front door and attempted to walk right into the home. Failure ensued and he chose to explore his other options. Next would be the window. The back window was the obvious next choice due to his great potential for subterfuge. Unfortunately for him, the owner, Steve Ferguson, had cameras on his property and seen these futile attempts to achieve entry.


Equestrian Escape!


That’s what this would have been if all went according to plan. Nevertheless, authorities arrived soon after and apprehended Maddox. His pleads to the Pasco County Sheriff Office are almost priceless. At first, he tried to explain to the officers that he had misplaced his horse Angel, and she wandered upon the owner’s home. Therein, he tried to retrieve his horse that was on his property. Simple mistake, right? That is if there wasn’t cold-hard evidence of him attempting to break in. AND his obvious property damage to the window to achieve forced entry.

After the evidence of him breaking in was revealed, he soon admitted his actions and told officers he was there to check the house out because he wished to soon rent it. What a baffling situation. To break into another’s home by forced entry so he could examine the place because he wants to rent it. Likely story… A later background check would confirm prior involvement in crime consisting of car theft, possession of drugs and domestic battery.


Where’s Angel?!


Angel was found about two miles away from the property, alone of course. Police rounded her up and returned her to her owner. It is still unclear whether Maddox truly owns the horse or whether he committed horse theft on the way to the property as well. Either way, Angel will no longer be used as a getaway horse in attempted burglary. Though it would be a thrill to see someone attempting to ride away on horseback while you’re watching live police chases, the actual success rate of these choices truly seems slim to none. Check out the video below:

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