Millions of people gather around the television to watch the Super Bowl. A national pastime that brings people of all ages together to experience the biggest annual competition in football. Most are there for the game. However, as a nationally televised event, there is entertainment for all. The commercials that give huge amounts of laughter and of course; The Halftime Show. This year everyone was preparing for the phenomenal performance by the lovely Shakira and timeless J-Lo. However, there has been a lot of dispute over this year. Many people are claiming it wasn’t for family viewing and are enraged!


Shakira’s Hip Shaking


First and foremost, it is the year 2020 and suggestive material is everywhere. From minor jokes hidden in children’s television series. To commercials advertising on a basis of “sex sells.” One of the biggest disputes throughout the world is what is appropriate dancing. Unfortunately, this lies in each and every parents’ comfort with material that their children see. Shakira, who is well known for shaking her hips, did exactly that. She wore a small red dress and danced with her entire body. She put on one heck of a performance and captivated the eyes of many. Definitely men.


J-Lo on the Pole?


What truly flabbergasted many parents around the world was J-Lo’s performance. If you didn’t know, Jennifer Lopez was recently in a movie where she trained intensively for months to learn how to properly pole dance. Pole dancing takes a lot of practice and strength. However, no one expected for her to bring her suggestive pole dancing to the nationally televised Super Bowl. She stunned the nation. In more ways than one. Mothers are announcing their outrage over the entire Halftime Show. Noting that it was no where near appropriate for all ages. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. The judgement is yours to make! You can check it out at this link!