As of October 1, 2020, the process to buckle down on airline travelling is going into effect. In order to board a domestic flight within the United States, you must have a REAL ID, passport or military ID. Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at the airport will be denying people any access into the airport. That is, unless, you have one of the proper forms of identification to get you through security. This process was put into effect in 2005 as a security measure following the events of 9/11. Although, this is a very advanced form of protection during any domestic travel affairs, it could prove to be an issue for those who aren’t paying attention to the news.


Isn’t My Current ID Real?


Yes, your current driver’s license is still a valid form of identification. It will work for all affairs such as driving and simple recognition factors. However, the original identification card is no longer enough to board a domestic flight. This process was put into effect in order to set standards for domestic travel. Not only does it effect domestic travel, but also the clearance to access federal facilities and even entering nuclear power plants. The federal government wants to make sure that all traffic in these areas can be tracked and assured to be safe.


Don’t Get Stranded at the Airport!


If you aren’t paying attention to the news, this information could come at large misfortunes. Nobody wants to get to the airport for their vacation and be denied entry by the TSA. Without your REAL ID, you are seen as someone who shouldn’t be allowed into any federal facilities. In order to maintain proper access to federal facilities, you must have a military ID, passport or REAL ID. Each state has different requirements that you need when applying for your REAL ID. Check out the Department of Homeland Security’s website if you want all the information regarding the new changes as of October 1, 2020!