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Those who require a wheelchair are always looking for the best and easiest way to progress with life. Thankfully, companies that sell these wheelchairs understand the convenient situations that they can provide. IntelliChair is a Florida modern mobility electric motorized wheelchair company that prides themselves on their high-quality products and their amazing prices. If you’re looking for a reliable source of a wheelchair that provides ease and efficiency, then check out the sales going on this weekend. If you register your name into the website, then you will receive a $150 coupon for their wheelchairs!


Wheelchair / IntelliChair / Black Friday / Cyber Monday


What is IntelliChair?


The IntelliChair smart electric wheelchair is a fast, lightweight and foldable technology. It is a portable high-tech wheelchair with an eight-hour battery life. Thanks to the light weight of the wheelchair, you will have no issue with transportation. Simply fold it up and stick it in the trunk. The IntelliChair folds up easily and fits in the trunks of most vehicles. It is made up of nylon fabric. This fabric is easily washed and or replaced. Also, the wheels on the chair are proven to be resistant to flats. Making this wheelchair an easy to use, portable, lightweight marvel that will change your life. Deals like this only come around once a year. So, make sure to register on the IntelliChair website to receive your $150 coupon code for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend!


The IntelliChair Process


They make buying a wheelchair easy on the IntelliChair website. Each product is custom-made for your specific needs. Once the product is crafted, IntelliChair offers their wheelchair with easy shipping choices. They hand package each product and make sure that it is sent directly to your door. Their goal is to make this process easy because they know that you don’t want to have to worry about the buying and transferring process of your wheelchair. Once you receive your order, getting used to your new electric motorized wheelchair. The controller can be placed on either the left or right side to adjust to whatever your needs are.


Wheelchair / IntelliChair / Black Friday / Cyber Monday


Wheelchair Satisfaction Guaranteed


These wheelchairs are top of the line premium products. If you’re looking for a wheelchair that is at the top of the medical mobility market, then look no further. Each of these products are equipped with a powerful electric motor, a sturdy stainless-steel frame, top quality rubber wheels that are resistant to flats and a nimble steering mechanism to ensure easy maneuvering. It is integral to your health to ensure you aren’t fooled by those who wish to deliver a half-decent product and the same price. IntelliChair uses the highest quality materials at the lowest cost possible. All of this transforms your normal selection into the highest quality products on the market.

IntelliChair is currently offering a $150 coupon for all of their wheelchair selections if you register on their website. This deal will be lasting from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. So, make sure to take advantage of this amazing sale and even better product! Head over to IntelliChair today!

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