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President Donald Trump has been in office for almost an entire term now. He has brought some of the biggest division of culture between America. While also, skyrocketing corporate giants and stimulating the United States’ economy to its upmost potential. However, he has brought much turmoil within America. With all the accusations of treason or using political power and position for individual gain. This brought us to the House Judiciary Committee vote on the articles of Impeachment. On Friday, December 13, for the third time in United States history, there were two articles of impeachment that were approved.


Steps for Impeachment


First and foremost, Donald Trump has definitely not been impeached. He is going through the process of impeachment. This approval of articles by the House Judiciary Committee is only the first step after petitioning and politically campaigning the impeachment. Second, the articles that were approved have to go through the House of Representatives. Once the House of Representatives have looked over the articles of impeachment and approve further steps in the process, then the articles will be sent to the Senate. Finally, the Senate must approve the articles on a two-thirds vote. If, and only if, all these steps have been completed, President Donald Trump will be removed from office.


Articles Have Been Approved


What is important to note, is that the articles have already gone through the approval process from the House Judiciary Committee. They approved articles stating that President Donald Trump purposefully obstructed Congress during their search for the truth in the impeachment process. The second article states that Trump allegedly abused his power to further his own political gain. These two articles are enough to process a full impeachment as long as the they make it through the House of Representatives and the Senate. Keep your eyes peeled for more impeachment updates!

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