One week ago, on December 18, history was made yet again. For the third time in United States history, the impeachment for the president has made it through the House of Representatives. The Democrats were successful in their attempts of impeachment. However, the United States may not have been. Our nation divided, attempting to dissolve the presidency of Donald Trump. Regardless, the two articles of impeachment were indeed approved in the recent event at the House. With the articles being approved by them, the next stop will be the Senate There must be a two-thirds between the Democrats and Republicans for president Donald Trump to be removed from office.


Democrats Pushing Hard for Impeachment


This year brought a very radical change to movements in the United States. There has been dispute over Donald Trump’s presidency for years. People complain over the incompetence of the man. Others don’t believe that he is doing much for the country and ignoring the big problems we need to face. Regardless, its safe to say that president Trump has faced plenty of people trying to get him out of office within one short term. Nancy Pelosi has been heading the charge for this impeachment for a while now. With the House of Representatives approving the articles for abuse of power and obstruction during the impeachment process.


Future of the Impeachment Process


Although the House of Representatives did in fact pass the articles of impeachment on to the Senate, there is no change to President Trump. Until the Senate holds a trial and there is a two-thirds vote to impeach, President Trump will remain in office. Based off of the House of Representatives meeting, the Senate trial doesn’t bold well for the Democrats’ quest for impeachment. Only Democrats were in support and not even all of them were. Some of the Democrats stood with the Republicans side of the vote. Keep your eyes peeled for more Impeachment news!