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Another amazing season of American Football has come and gone. The Kansas City Chiefs have taken the Superbowl Championship game over the San Francisco 49ers in Miami. What looked like a game that was sealed away for the 49ers in the fourth quarter, came as another comeback for the Chiefs. The final score of the game left fans shocked with a 31 – 20 ending. The 49ers looked primarily dominant throughout the entire game. However, just like in the previous post-season games, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs overcame the deficit and emerged victorious to claim the championship.


The Comeback Kid


At this point there really is only one name we can refer to Patrick Mahomes as. “The Comeback Kid.” In all three of their post-season games, they overcame at least a 10-point deficit to emerge victorious. Against the Houston Texans, Mahomes led the team to a victory from a 21-point deficit in the first quarter. In the game against the Tennessee Titans, they were down by 10-points during the second quarter. Once again, Mahomes sniped his way to another victory. Finally, the Superbowl game where they were facing what was thought to be the greatest defense in the NFL this year. However, in the last 10 minutes of the game, they overcame a 10-point deficit to win by an alarming 11-points! With just ten minutes remaining they scored 21 unanswered points and claimed the championship.


Defense Wins Championships?


At least, that’s how the saying has always gone. However, based off of the entire post-season, your traditional thought patterns don’t seem to work on Patrick Mahomes. Who knows what kicked into this Kansas City team in those last five minutes. Maybe it was the halftime show that just jostled the entire San Francisco team. Unable to focus with Shakira and J-Lo? Who knows. However, it is safe to say that Patrick Mahomes is a phenomenal quarterback. A gunslinger that led his loaded cannon of a team to the first championship for the Kansas City Chiefs in five decades.

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