One of the old Disney classics Mulan has just been remade and released on Disney+ in its live action form. Mulan is a story of a fearless young woman who joins the Imperial Army in the hopes of preventing the invaders of China from destroying her home and in the process defending her ailing father. It is an epic story of young woman whose powers truly awaken as she begins to fight for the home and family that she loves.


To Defend Her Father


The plot basically flows through Hua Mulan, a young woman living in Imperial China. The Emperor of China issues a decree stating that every household within the country must send one man to help in the war. Her household possessed only one man; Mulan’s sickly father. So, being the eldest daughter, she takes it upon herself to disguise herself as a man, and join the imperial army in her father’s stead. Through her training and the Army’s physical tests, her inner strength begins to manifest, only to leave her with new powers she had never harnessed beforehand.

This new Mulan is a different take on the old animated version. There are many different aspects to the story and some have been removed completely. One of the biggest changes which may upset many fans, is the removal of Mushu, Mulan’s side-kick dragon. He represented the truly innocent nature and brought a bit more of the dragon aspect of Chinese culture into the story. Below, you’ll find a trailer for the new movie.



Check it out on Disney+


Mulan is now on Disney+ and can be streamed from home as of September 4th. This movie focuses much more on the action portion of the story compared to the original animated movie. Regardless, Mulan is a treat to any fan of Disney and was a pleasure to enjoy. Check it out on Disney+ today!