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The Time I Caught A Nora En Pure Show For Free…

So one day I’m chillen in my loft in downtown Fort Lauderdale when I get a call from my buddy Austin. Austin is like look you need to get down to Rhythm and Vine right now there is a free house music concert going on. I told Austin I was chillen and was not sure if I was going to come, and he was like you don’t understand everyone says this chick is a big deal and the music is sick AF…

OK, now you’ve peaked my interest brother so I get my fat ass up off the couch. Throw on some Air Force 1’s and a fresh t-shirt and head out the front door of my building into the streets. I live on NW 1st ave so I’m really in the heart of downtown, everything is close to me. Rhythm and Vine is no different it’s only about a three-block walk from my front door to theirs. Two blocks away I could hear the music and see the people. It was an epic scene. Rhythm and vine had hired Nora and were throwing a completely free concert. The place was lit!

I ended up having the absolute best time that day and ever since I have been a huge Nore En Pure fan she is easily in my book one of the best house music DJs in the mix right now. Her chill vibe is pure EDM bliss and if you like chill house music then she should be your goat. You can check out Nora En Pure’s YouTube channel here.


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