So, you wake up to get your weekend started and you see a nice relaxing sunrise. Coffee is finishing up and its time to bask in the beauty of the day. You whip out your beautifully handcrafted cigar and the aroma of those foreign coffee beans is permeating the air. You know you’re about to be in for a treat. Pairing a cigar with your coffee is one of the most ideal situations. There aren’t too many things that are greater than that. Here we’ll go into a few different cigars that will make your breakfast ritual even better.


Equal Elements


By making your coffee choice and your cigar choice lean towards similar elements, then you’re on a good start to pairing. Cigars and coffee have a very similar profile to how their flavor is determined. In coffee, you have dark roast, medium roast, light roast and all the others in between. Cigars also have categories such as these. You have light bodied cigars, medium bodied cigars and full-bodied cigars. The body of the cigar is seen as the potency. Darker and more full-bodied cigars are going to pack a bigger punch. The potency of coffee is determined by said roast. However, in this case, the darker the roast of coffee, the less caffeine it will contain. This is due to the caffeine roasting away.




If you’re someone that enjoys the lighter types of coffee, then you’re going to want to lean towards something mellow, sweet and easy to smoke. The Montecristo brand is a famous brand for a good reason. They bolster one of the smoothest quality smokes in the world and has some sweetness to compliment your lighter coffee much better. If you prefer a more medium bodied roast, then you should lean towards something along the lines of the Olivia cigars. This brand is well known for a smooth but good smoke and melds with most different coffees. Lastly, if you’re looking for the type of wake-up call that’ll have your dark roast and full cigar punching you awake, look into the Padron brand. These are famous cigars that are known as the heavy yet delicious side of tobacco flavors. All of these, and more, are available at Cuban Crafters!