The anatomy of a cigar is carefully planned out well before each cigar is ever made. From the look and taste of the wrapper tobacco, the binder tobacco that meshes well and the filler tobacco that is concocted from different blends to create the perfect recipe. Each cigar brand has their dedicated recipes and they stick to that every time. Mix that with an expertly rolled product and you have the beautiful handmade cigars you see today. However, it is important to know what you’re getting for yourself when choosing a cigar. What is truly important is the filler tobacco.


Types of Filler Tobacco


The type of filler tobacco within the cigar is what brings the quality and flavor of them to life. Filler tobacco is the most inner of the three layers of the cigar. It is made up of either long-filler tobacco or short-filler tobacco. The primary difference between the two being the length of them. Long-filler tobacco is the longer and more full pieces that hold the higher value flavors. Whereas the short-filler tobacco is the bottom of the bag of tobacco. In other words, the remainder that has dried out and lost the majority of its flavor.


Short-Filler Tobacco


Short-filler tobacco is the fine leftover tobacco that is not able to be used for the premium handmade cigars. This type of tobacco is almost impossible to handroll efficiently and is what is given to factories to roll by machine. The only true way you’re going to be running into cigars with this type of tobacco is if you buy them from somewhere like a gas station. That or you were fooled at the store.


Long-Filler Tobacco


Long-filler tobacco is the pristine tobacco byproduct used for the beautiful and flavorful cigars you keep coming back for. This is the longer strands of tobacco that still have tons of oils and flavor packed into them. Premium cigars will use a few different types of long-filler tobacco to reach the end product that they desire. If you’re looking for some beautifully rolled cigars of either nature, check out Cuban Crafters for the best cigars around.