The ancient art of smoking a cigar and sipping on a glass of whiskey has been enjoyed for centuries. Fill up that snifter or old-fashioned glass, light up the cigar and bask in the beauty of it all. Most people don’t do any planning when smoking a cigar and sipping on whiskey. However, if prepared, the flavor profiles of both have the potential of mixing so perfectly. Both whiskeys and cigars are made perfectly to compliment all the flavors within the piece. All having different flavor profiles, crafting steps and outcomes that bring varieties of all types of life together. Here’s a quick guide between whiskey and cigars.


Why Should I be Smoking a Cigar and Drinking Whiskey?


If you have to ask this question, then you need to up your game because you’re missing out on one of the most beautiful combinations in the world. Both of these products are made with a perfectly desired outcome in mind. They are made meticulously and with a ton of care. These products are meant to be savored and deserve the time and appreciation that is put into them. Just like whiskeys, the origin of a cigar has a lot to do with the flavor profile. Each blend is going to span from the soil that the tobacco was grown from. Everyone has their own preferences on flavor so it is best to try all different kinds of pairs and choose your favorite.


How to Find the Pairing that Suits Me?


First and foremost, if you’re new to the combinations of whiskey and cigars, then try what you’re comfortable with. Don’t start reaching for other peoples’ favorites when your taste buds have no similarities to theirs. Also, it’s a good idea to combine flavors that compliment each other. I don’t recommend getting a heavy rye whiskey that is going to punch you in the face right after you take a drag of a full-bodied cigar. Take your time. Just like cigars and whiskey are made with time and patience, so should your decisions to combine them. Take a look at all of the cigars Cuban Crafters has to offer!