Enjoying a cigar is an international pastime. An all-natural product handmade by someone with care. Grown by another with love and appreciated by all. Cigars truly are something to take care of and enjoy. In other words, people take their time in making these products and it would be to spit on them to keep these just hanging around. In order to maintain the original quality of your hand-rolled cigars, you need a humidor.


What is a Humidor?


A humidor is the ideal storage container for cigars. In definition, any container that is used for the storage of cigars, may be referred to as a humidor. However, what you need is a quality product that can maintain internal temperature and humidity. These are the two most important things when storing your cigars. Traditionally, a humidor is a wooden box without any space for air to escape or enter. The maintenance of temperature and humidity is usually done through external means. Such as a hydrometer and humidity packs.


Ideal Temperature and Humidity


Having your humidor set at an ideal temperature and humidity is necessary to make sure your cigars are in good health. If the humidor drops in temperature and humidity, the cigars will become arid, dry and begin to fall apart. Nobody wants to ruin a perfectly good cigar or see the death of such a beautifully handmade product. On the other hand, if the temperature and humidity rise too high, they will become damp and begin to mold. As you can see, maintaining the correct humidity and temperature for your humidor is very important. Ideally, you’ll be keeping the temperature around 72 degrees Fahrenheit and percentages of humidity between 68 – 72%.

Now you understand how vital a humidor is to the life of your cigar. If you want to maintain all the oils and flavors of you precious stogies, then invest in a good humidor and maintain it accordingly! If you’re looking for a humidors in different price ranges, check out Cuban Crafters’ wide selection of cigar humidors.