When you light up your cigar, you may not realize the depth of work went into it. Each and every one of these beautiful masterpieces were once a bunch of tobacco leaves. Through patience and man-made ingenuity, they are constructed into pieces of art that fill the air with joy. All cigars have been made specifically for their shape and size. Cigar aficionados refer to these shapes and sizes as cigar vitolas. There are two main categories of cigar vitolas with many sub-categories. Here, we’ll go into the different cigar vitolas.


Big Two; The Figurado & The Parejo


Your main two types of cigar vitolas are Figurado and Parejo. The most well-known form of a cigar is the Parejo. Easily recognized by its completely straight build. All of the tobacco within the cigar is even distributed and the cigar is capped on one end. On the other hand, you have the Figurado cigar vitola. This category refers to any cigar that diverts from the Parejo cigar vitola. Meaning, if tobacco is distributed irregularly throughout the cigar, it is considered a Figurado. Many sub-categories have branched off so all of these cigars are quite unique. Cuban Crafters has all of these cigars and more available to buy!


Variations of the Parejo


There are three varieties of the Parejo cigar vitola:

  1. Original Parejo
    • Parejo cigars are crafted by distributing all of the tobacco evenly throughout the roll. One side has a dome cap.
  2. Box-Pressed Parejo
    • Same as the original in craftmanship. However, due to shipping, a tighter roll causes for a longer smoke.
  3. Culebra
    • Meaning “snake” in Spanish, this is three cigars wrapped around of each other creating a band. You take the cigars apart and smoke them separately.


Variations of the Figurado


There are a large number of variations of the Figurado. Any uniqueness that would separate it from the Parejo, is a Figurado cigar vitola:

  1. Perfecto
    • These cigars are tapered down on each end.
  2. Torpedo
    • A cigar that is tapered down on one end of the cigar.
  3. Belicoso
    • Similar to a Torpedo, but tapered down tighter to form the shape of a bullet.
  4. Pyramide
    • Tapered down on one side of the cigar all the way to a point. Similar to a Pyramid.