With the holidays here at last, people are going to be in good cheer and a giving mood. Families and friends will gather and joy will fill the room and air. A phenomenal stocking stuffer or gift could be a hand rolled cigar. These beautiful masterpieces are each handmade and can extend the joy you have with them to another. Cigars are a perfect way to spread joy in the holidays. Especially, during parties where you entertain your family. Family gatherings are a perfect time to unwrap a hand rolled cigar and reminisce on the good times with the family.


Joy and Cigar Smoke in the Air


It is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time. Knowing just how many cigars you’re going to need is the ideal situation. However, if this is not possible, then giving one to everybody as a keepsake is acceptable. Your family will appreciate the kind thoughts given to them through the hand rolled masterpiece. Sometimes it isn’t the gift that you give, but the moments shared with those you love. So, hand out a natural manmade beauty and bask in the moment of lighting a cigar up with the family.


Cigar Aficionado Presents


Do you have a family member or spouse that truly enjoys the act of cigar smoking and collecting? Not sure what to pick up for them this year? Gifting for a cigar aficionado may be difficult, but keep your mind open. It is not always the gift that is given, but the feelings that the gifts carry with them. However, if you are looking for something a bit more practical, there are plenty of options. Festive cigar boxes are a wonderful gift. These boxes not only act as a piece with plenty of beauty, but also hold cigars! Fill it up and wrap it! No cigar aficionado will be mad for receiving a new piece and cigars. Find your next gift cigar at Cuban Crafters!