One of the most intricate parts of smoking a cigar is the cut. Whether you prefer a straight cut or a shuriken cut, you know that a potential error in the cut could ruin this handcrafted beauty. So, its important to take your time and perfectly slice according to your desired cut. There are a bunch of different cigar cutters and ways to cut a cigar. Here, we’ll look into a few different cigar cutters, and the changes in your smoke these cigar cuts may provide.


Straight Cutters – The Guillotine


The go to for most cigar enthusiasts. People prefer the straight cigar cutter for the convenience and ease of use. These little cigar cutters may be carried in your pocket and give you a clean and precise cut. Portable, easy and very low cost.




A wedge cutter or “V-cutter” is a device that cuts similar to a guillotine cutter. However, instead of completely removing the end, this device cuts a partial end off. The partial end is dug deeper into the cigar creating a better smoke. Its important to note, some wedge cutters may cut too deep and ruin the cigar. This will result in loose tobacco and will create a burn that runs too hot for the cigar.


Punch Cutter


A punch cutter is a cool device used to create something similar to a hole punch within the cigar. You pierce the end of the cigar with the blade, then rotate the device until the hole is made. With a proper punch cutter, the hole will make a great draw, while also preventing any loose tobacco from being gathered around the end of the cigar.


Shuriken Cutter


Finally, we have the shuriken cutter. A device that acts as like a cap to the cigar. You insert your handcrafted cigar into the shuriken cutter. Within the cap, there are six extremely sharp blades laid off of the sides. A small slice will be created around the cigar, looking similar to a shuriken. Find all of these and more at Cuban Crafters!