Cigars are beautiful creations of man-made ingenuity. Each and every one of them differ slightly and may be appreciated in full. However, do you know the differences between the cigars that you buy. Cigars come in many different shapes and sizes. These shapes are referred to as cigar vitolas. Each of these vitolas can change the flavor, burn and length of time it will take you to smoke your cigar. So, sit down, light a stogie and we’ll go into a few of the major cigar vitolas that people enjoy.


Why Do These Cigar Vitolas Matter?


The shape and size of your cigar may contribute to a large amount of qualities. First, the size of the cigar does not equate to the strength of the cigar. That all comes into play based off of the blends of tobacco used. A cigar vitola is the second most important element following the tobacco recipe used in order to perfect the flavor. Just adding a variation on the roll and design may change the smoke quite a bit. Secondly, the ring-gauge, or the thickness of the cigar, controls the burn profile. A cigar with a smaller ring-gauge is going to smoke much faster than a larger one. Lastly, each little piece of craftmanship is going to change the actual way the cigar will smoke.


Cigar Vitolas Produce Different Smokes


Every different vitola of cigar is going to give you a different draw when you smoke them. If the cigar is more of a boxed cigar like a Pajero, it will give a longer smoke with a consistent flavor profile. The figurado cigars all have a different profile due to the uniqueness of each cigar vitola. Most of them curve to a point. This causes a tighter draw from figurado cigar vitolas. We recommend trying out different cigars to find your preferred shape and size. Whatever your choice in cigar vitola, you’re in for a treat when you light up one of these beautifully crafted stogies. If you have a particular cigar in mind, head on over to Cuban Crafters for the best cigars you can find.