I’ve heard many people ask about the quality of their cigars. Also, many have asked about the quality of cigarillos. There is a big difference to a hand-rolled cigar and a mini factory-made cigarillo. One you’ll be sitting down and enjoying for the next forty-five minutes. The other is probably there to provide a quick smoke while busy or maybe during a time of travel that only calls for a small break. Regardless the reason, we’ll go into cigarillos here and tell you the difference.


What is a Cigarillo?


A cigarillo is a tiny machine-made tobacco product that you can find distributed in mass quantities. Some bolster big names and have decent taste. Although mainly popular in Europe, the United States has shown some interest in these factory distributed mini cigars. Unfortunately, cigarillos are usually made with short-filler tobacco. This is usually the broken leftover tobacco at the end of the bag that is dried out. In other words, this is a lower quality product and it burns much faster and hotter than your traditional hand-rolled cigar. Few companies can produce a quality cigarillo, but if you do have to pick one, Arturo Fuente has a decent cigarillo product out of the choices available.


Stay Away Cigarillo


We recommend you don’t get into the habit of smoking the factory made short-filler tobacco cigarillos. Stick with the beautiful hand-rolled cigars. The difference in quality is not only the ingredients and the quality of the long-filler tobacco. But also, the care given in the crafting. A machine isn’t able to imitate the precision and care an expert roller has when creating the beautiful finished masterpiece. Stick to the legit product. However, it is understandable if you wish to smoke a cigarillo due to a lack of time. Over all, if you only have five to ten minutes to spare, then smoking a cigarillo is the way to go. Otherwise, choose a product that you’ll be able to truly appreciate and enjoy. Whichever you decide, you can find your desired cigar products at Cuban Crafters!