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This Wednesday, February 5, 2020, was a historic day for the United States. Not only was this the third president to ever face impeachment articles in the history of our country, but it was the first acquittal of impeachment. President Donald Trump faced two articles of impeachment that were brought up during the United Nations last year. Since then, he’s been attacked by Democratic party officials over and over in a bipartisan attempt to remove him from office. This division over the impeachment process has shown the world how divided our country is and doesn’t bode well for the political status of our country.


What Were the Articles of Impeachment?


During an Impeachment process, there must be due articles proving the illegitimacy of the President during a Senate Trial. The articles of impeachment towards President Donald Trump were that of the Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

An Abuse of Power as the President of the United States could constitute a wide number of different things. In this case, President Trump was accused of interfering with the 2020 election. He did so by speaking with the Government of Ukraine in attempts to investigate the Biden’s. Also, he pressured the Government of Ukraine by withholding supplies.

Secondly, the Obstruction of Congress article. Upon the investigation of impeachment article one, Democratic officials attempted to gather as much information as possible form anyone involved around the president. President Trump Executive Branch government officials to ignore and not respond to these subpoenas. This notion would be looked upon as an Obstruction of Congress.


President Trump Acquitted of Impeachment Articles


Though this was a very heated four months that has caused the nation to split, the impeachment process is finally over. President Donald Trump was acquitted of both articles of impeachment and is still the President of the United States. Contrary to what Democratic officials have tried, President Trump is found not-guilty and remains in power.

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