On February 4, 2020, President of the United States, Donald Trump, addressed the country at the State of the Union convention. President Trump stood among the political and military officials and spoke of our country and its success. He shared multiple stories of American success, heroes of our nation and even those who have been lost. Although, based on most of what was said you’d assume it to be a positive session for America, it was riddled with pettiness. As all know, President Trump has recently been acquitted of all articles of impeachment. Said impeachment was headed by House Representative Nancy Pelosi. These two truly showed the pettiness that comes between the Republican and Democratic parties and how a partisan nation seems very distant.


Stubborn Trump


As the ceremony began, President Trump walked to the stand and handed both Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi a copy of his speech. Whereas you’d assume normal greetings would happen, Trump denied the handshake that Pelosi offered. Donald Trump ignored the gesture and continued on with what he was doing. It is important to note that Trump has a personal vendetta against the woman who publicly slanders him and attempted to lead the charge to remove him from office. However, this notion began the pettiness of the event.


Petty Pelosi


Throughout the entire speech, there is an obvious division throughout the entire room. Republicans were clapping, applauding and cheering for all the positive factors that his campaign had brought. Democrats were noticeably in disagreement as they refused to clap or even stand. Nancy Pelosi took it a step further. At the conclusion of the evening, Nancy Pelosi took it upon herself to tear up her entire copy of President Donald Trump’s speech. On live television. She allowed her personal vendetta and pettiness to take control and show some of her true colors to the American people.