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Brian Flores’s story continues as he was recently acquired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. His story has kept football fans in suspense ever since he was unjustly fired from his position as head coach of the Miami Dolphins earlier this year.

When Flores was fired, it raised a lot of questions. He led the Dolphins to victory so many times there was no logical reason to fire him. Team owner, Stephen Ross reportedly fired Brian Flores because Flores refused to lose games on purpose in exchange for $100,000 per game upon Ross’s command. 

After being fired, Brian Flores faced great difficulties when trying to find another coaching position within the NFL. After several interviews with the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and New York Giants that were sabotaged, Flores felt victimized by racism and discrimination in the NFL.  

After filing a lawsuit against the NFL for discriminatory hiring practices, Flores was in the spotlight once more. Many applauded his efforts to take on the NFL and call it out on its questionable hiring practices. Meanwhile, was hired as the new head coach for the Miami Dolphins. 

In the latest development in the exciting story of fearless Flores, he finally won a coaching position with one of the most popular teams in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was officially hired recently as the team’s next senior defensive assistant.    

How it Happened  

So how did Brian Flores emerge from an icy shadow-boycott throughout the NFL? As it turned out, he gained his new position after calling Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin to ask him for some advice. 

During the phone call, Flores was seeking advice when pondering how to continue his coaching career. After conversing for some time, Mike Tomlin offered Brian Flores the opportunity he needed to continue his coaching career in the NFL. 

In his new role, Brian Flores will work closely with the linebackers. His abilities are beyond question as he is sure to help lead the Steelers to reach new heights of greatness. 

With Flores on the team, he will be working on improving Devin Bush’s performance in addition to bolstering the team’s overall defensive capabilities. Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Cobert has indicated that he thinks there’s a good chance that Bush’s performance will get better throughout 2022. 

If there’s anyone who can help Devin Bush become a better player, it’s Brian Flores. He knows how to utilize each player to build a stronger team. By turning Devin Bush into a stronger and more effective player, Flores will give the Pittsburgh Steelers the fire that they need to succeed and start outperforming expectations. 

The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowl games and enjoy widespread popularity. If Flores can help the team win another Super Bowl, it could give him the juice he needs to land a head coaching position once more. 

Steeler Nation Welcomes Flores 

Steeler Nation, as the vast and numerous fanbase, has been called since 1978 has welcomed Brian Flores with open arms. Many Steelers fans are excited to watch Flores strengthen the team’s struggling defense strategy.

During his time with the Miami Dolphins, Brian Flores has proven himself to be a defensive mastermind. His defensive prowess will be prized by the Steelers as they bring him on as their new senior defensive assistant. 

The Downside

While many football fans are excited about the recent decision to bring Brian Flores on as the next senior defensive assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers, there are those who would point out the fact that he is insanely overqualified. 

To go from head coach to a senior defensive assistant is something of a regression. Although many head coaches have gone from head coach to a lower position in the past, the circumstances surrounding Flores’s hire are unique. 

As he settles into his new position as a senior defensive assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it could be some time before he ever regains a head coaching position on a professional football team. Indeed, it could take a few years before he can reclaim the esteemed title of head coach within the NFL. 

Although he won’t be acting as a head coach in the immediate future, Flores’s skills and abilities are sure to benefit the Pittsburgh Steelers. While it’s not ideal, it’s certainly an improvement as he has effectively regained a foothold in the NFL on one of the most highly-esteemed professional football teams in the nation. 

The Fight for Freedom and Fairness in the NFL Continues

Flores’s lawsuit against the NFL has yet to see a conclusion as they continue to clash in the recent legal battle. It’s worth noting that Brian Flores indicated he refused to sign an agreement after being fired by the Miami Dolphins that would have prevented him from speaking out about the team’s actions.

He was reportedly offered a million dollars to sign the document and forever relinquish his ability to talk about what the team did. The Miami Dolphins are currently being sued directly as part of his lawsuit against the NFL itself.

For its part, the NFL hired Loretta Lynch, an ex-Attorney General with considerable legal prowess. Legal expertise aside, Loretta Lynch is putting her own reputation at risk. By choosing to provide a legal defense for the NFL she is essentially compromising her credibility as a supporter of civil rights.   

Despite supporting civil rights in the past during her time with the Obama Administration, Lynch will essentially be undoing much of her previous work by fighting against civil rights in the ongoing lawsuit. 

Meanwhile, Flores is determined to show the nation that African Americans deserve the same freedoms as everyone else in terms of professional mobility. If everything goes according to plan, the NFL will emerge as a much more modern organization that exhibits fairness when hiring people for desirable positions in its upper ranks.  

Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, many football fans would agree that the NFL is ripe for reform as its discriminatory hiring practices have become increasingly unfashionable. Most would also agree that Brian Flores is a hero in his own right as he leads the fight for freedom and fairness in the NFL.

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