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Republicans really pulled a fast one on us this time folks.

Trump Judges LieIf it wasn’t for an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court we wouldn’t even know it was happening at all…

The Republicans put this all together right in front of us, but we were too preoccupied with our own democratic infighting and bullshit to even notice. I remember when during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings they interviewed a woman outside the hearing room from the Federalist Society. The Federalist Society is a far-right-wing organization that was started in the 1980s. The group is currently comprised of 70,000 lawyers most of which are far right-wing lawyers. The group is also heavily funded by the surviving Koch brother a very far right-wing political donor and polluter. This group of crafty legal far-right psychos formulated the plan to overturn Roe v. Wade years ago and they have been working on it ever since.

The Grand Ole Party plan was nothing short of dark arts Republican legal genius. First, they would get approval from the Republicans in Congress to compose the offical list of the potential Republican judges for the Supreme Court. The official list that Republican Presidents would pick the new justice from if a seat became available during their presidency. That’s right, the Federalist Society comprised of selected far-right-wing lawyers would now pick the Supreme Court candidates that every sitting Republican President would choose from, if and when a Supreme Court seat opened up. They would also vet all the potential candidates. So essentially the Federalist Society is picking all the new Republican Supreme Court justices. Yes, they just create a list for the President to choose from. But, everyone on that list is essentially the same person, with the same views and allegiances to the Federalist Society for getting them a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. During the vetting process, the Federalist Society goes to great lengths to make sure that the judges, agree with all, not just part of their agenda. As well as making sure that the judges also feel indebted to them for the nomination.

So back to the lady they were interviewing outside of the Brett Kancaugh Confirmation Hearings. The reporter asked the lady who was there essentially as one of Brett Kavanaugh’s handlers (that’s how close a grip the Federalist Society keeps on their judges) about how Kavanaugh had just testified in his Senate Confirmation Hearing that he would not overturn Roe v. Wade and that it was a long-standing legal precedent in this country. The lady from the Federalist Society was visibly annoyed with the question and in a moment of accidental honesty, she said it live on TV. “He’ll do it, you’ll see,” and I was flabbergasted! Because I knew right then and there that they, were for sure, one hundred percent, gonna overturn Roe v. Wade. You could tell by the way this lady was speaking that she had been upset over abortion for years, that this was her life goal, and that she felt the judges lying to get on the Court to overturn Roe was a nuisance. To her, she felt they should flat out say we are gonna overturn Roe because they were saving the lives of unborn babies. In this one moment of frustration, she had accidentally let the master plan slip out. She was far right on the issue, but an effective handler to be sure, right up until she told the truth on live TV.

The news barely covered the incident, since the lady was a political handler and not a political news personality. Even though what the lady from the Federalist Society had said was a news bombshell, it lacked credibility, because she was a nobody. Even I, who was deeply concerned at the time moved on and didn’t write about it. I’m used to seeing news story angles or something that I think is a good news story being skipped in that day’s news coverage. I’m a total news junkie, and as such, sometimes the news doesn’t cover what I think it should or what is the most impactful story, at that particular moment, in my opinion. But, that’s just life in the busy 24-hour-a-day news cycle that we live in. It’s just one story after all. But, this one, in particular, was right in our face, and so important during the hearing. Maybe we could have stopped Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court in the first place had we covered it? In the end, he was approved. The Trump judges were all approved, and all refused to overturn Roe during their confirmation hearings. But, they did it in a shady way. Using what now seems like preplanned answers about precedent, to cover up their true intentions and plans for repelling women’s reproductive rights in this country. Flat out the judges lied and were intentionally deceptive in their Confirmation Hearings and that kind of behavior should never get you on to the Supreme Court of the United States. Now we have liars, in lifetime appointments, to the highest court in the land.

That’s why in this case, as mad as I am at Republicans, I’m also mad at us for fighting amongst ourselves and missing this obvious battle right in front of our eyes. We are losing Roe v. Wade under a Democratic-controlled House, Senate, and Executive. It’s an extraordinary political failure. The Republicans are playing chess and we are playing checkers, my friends. That’s the reality of American politics right now. If we are not careful we will lose LGBTQ rights too and all sorts of other personal rights and freedoms that we hold dear. Just look at DeSantis and the Don’t Say Gay Bill here in Florida. the Republicans are power-drunk and they think they can get away with anything right now. From taking your rights away to supporting Putin an evil dictator for political career gain. Trump has made people hate others and eviscerated what was left of political ethics in this country, and the GOP has tapped right into the hatred and lack of ethics at a fever level to enact their far-right agenda. Backed by Putin’s bots online and gerrymandering they feel invincible on social media and in elections. So they lie right to the face of the American people with little to no real repercussions at all. Merrick Garlands the attorney General of the United States is too scared of his own shadow to save us and President Biden is asleep at the wheel. All while Republicans are running rough shot over the entire country and about to take over the House and maybe the Senate too.

Stay tuned people, after mid-terms and Republicans take the house, this shit show is really gonna hit the fan!



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