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Abortion – Rights That You Used To Have…

The Supreme Court leak threatens to turn women’s reproductive rights back in time fifty years. Rights to body autonomy that women enjoyed for decades are being pulled back in Republican states across the country. Right-wing conservative Christians are gitty with excitement. In their mind, they have saved thousands of lives. They of course have had the life luck of never having to consider or need an abortion. Everyone is pro-life until it’s your life or future on the line. Then things get real pragmatic real quick and people who have been through this simply have a lot more clarity and common sense on the issue than those who have not.

The leak of a draft ruling by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito read like an angry republican anti-abortion hate speech. Justice Alito oddly quotes his junior Justice Brett Kavanaugh a myriad of times in the draft. So is Kavanaugh steering the judicial ship already? The draft goes as far as saying that abortions are not part of this country and seems to imply that Christianity is a founding principle of our nation. Even though we all learned in social studies that there is supposed to be a clear line between church and state for this very reason. I guess they forget to teach Elito women’s health and social studies in Supreme Court justice school…

Side note: Can someone tell me why all these guys that go to ivy league colleges are the most corrupt in the country?


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