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Water Shortages in the American West.

Water shortages are all over the world these days but few places are being hit as hard as the American West. The Colorado River is at the lowest levels that it has been at in decades and scientists say it may not be coming back. Ignoring climate change and not taking the issue seriously is really coming back to haunt humanity. But, it’s not even the United States which is a relatively clean country that is making advances in green energy, that is the main problem. In foreign countries, the things they are doing that result in polluting our waters and raising global temperatures through never-ending and unfathomable amounts of pollution are insane.

Since the Colorado River is drying up fast as the Flash. Corporations and large farming operations have begun pumping out ground water at record levels. So much in fact that it has caused the actual ground level to lower since they have sucked so much water out from below the ground in some areas. In other areas, they sucked out so much water from the ground that thousands of residents’ wells instantly went dry. As if these two examples aren’t bad enough the groundwater that they are pulling out of the ground can actually cause rivers in the area to go dry. Since groundwater and rivers are all connected underground.

No matter how you slice it folks this planet is heading for major water and climate change issues.


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