Three months after the Olympics has been postponed and there really hasn’t been too much talk about whether or not they will be done in 2021. The goal is of course that. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the entire world, people have been social distancing to avoid as much contact with each other as possible. All sports were cancelled for a duration of time. Recently, there have been sports that have begun with little to not fans allowed in the vicinity. Is that what the future of sports will be? And when will the next Olympics take place?

International Olympic Committee Challenged by the Coronavirus

First and foremost, it is important to note that even if the games were to take place, there would be very large precautions that we be upheld. If there isn’t a vaccine by next year, the likeliness of the Olympics taking place seems very low. It is very difficult to make a prediction of the state of the entire world within a year’s time.

Secondly, many countries are imposing quarantine measures on all people leaving and entering. In these cases, all Olympic athletes would have to arrive early and pass all quarantine procedures prior to the games. Therein brings the question of allowing fans to be present for the occasion. You’d be looking at a televised only event.

Finally, if there isn’t an agreement that comes into place, what would be the result of these Olympics? Well, the IOC would plain and simple have to cancel the 2020 Olympic Games. There is no way that they can wait 2 full years for an Olympic event. If there was any deadline that would be upheld, then you would have to be looking at about March of 2021. There is no way to be certain what the future of the pandemic world looks like and safety is of the upmost importance to the programmers, athletes and the fans.