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CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico — A shocking incident unfolded on a beach in the Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico’s Baja California Sur when a woman was gored by a bull after disregarding repeated warnings from concerned beachgoers.

The dramatic encounter was captured on video by María Leticia Montaño Casas and has since gone viral. The footage, recorded on Saturday, shows the bull initially eating from a bowl under the woman’s canopy. Despite efforts to coax the animal away, the bull remained on the beach, later seen rummaging through bags left in the sand near the woman’s campsite.

In the video, the woman is observed picking up bags that the bull is eating from, ignoring the shouts from bystanders warning her of the danger. “You are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that,” one onlooker is heard saying. Undeterred, the woman drops the bags only to attempt picking one up again, prompting another alarmed bystander to yell, “Jesus. Please get away, you’re not doing us any favors.”

The situation quickly escalated when the bull charged at the woman, striking her with its horns and knocking her to the ground. The bull continued to attack, striking her multiple times as she attempted to rise. The assault only ceased when the woman curled into a fetal position, remaining motionless on the sand.

Bystanders sprang into action, managing to drive the bull away by tossing water at it from a bucket. The woman’s condition following the attack remains unknown, but the video shows her getting back on her feet after the ordeal.

This incident has sparked discussions about wildlife safety and the importance of heeding warnings from others in potentially dangerous situations. Authorities have yet to release further information about the woman’s identity or her current state.


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