With the outbreak of the coronavirus coming to the United States, the cruise business in South Florida is going to be taking a big hit. Especially since today was the first death within the United States from the coronavirus. Cruises are a dangerous enclosed space where people have no escape from the germs of others. With the disease being able to travel through water droplets from the mouth, a cruise is definitely one of the most dangerous places to be during this outbreak.


Peaceful Getaway? Or Stuck on a Diseased Ship?


That’s really the gamble people are having to take right now. Nobody in their right mind is going to step onto a boat if there are people on there with any cold or flu-like symptoms. However, cruise lines are investigating the passengers to ensure that no one has recently travelled to any areas where the disease is having large outbreaks. If they have recently travelled to such an area, then these passengers will not be allowed on board the ship. Also, anyone who shows signs of any type of sickness will be refunded and not allowed on board.


What Does this Mean for the South Florida Cruise Industry?


Unfortunately, this is going to hit this business pretty hard. People aren’t going to want to risk it. Especially since today marked the first death from the coronavirus within the United States. Any ships that have recently been to Asia during this time are also not allowed to dock into the country until a full investigation of sickness has been done. This is a huge hit for the company. Not a person wants to go under a thorough investigation during their “getaway” from life. At this point in time, the South Florida Cruise industry is in a very weird spot. Thankfully, Florida hasn’t had any cases of the coronavirus. Yet.