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Ever dreamed of setting sail on a beautiful cruise ship? How about having a drink in a lounge underwater? This new generation of cruise ship includes its’ world class Blue Eye lounge.

Le Laperouse is the leading ship in the Ponant Explorers-class cruise ships. This cruise ship is filled with luxury amenities and everything someone could ask for. World-class chefs, luxurious bars, beautiful lounges and plenty of activities to enjoy.


What is the Blue Eye Lounge?


The Blue Eye Lounge is a multisensorial underwater lounge that sits around 40 passengers. In this area you are able to gaze at the deep blue under the cruise ship while you relax and have some cocktails. Enjoy some champagne as you get beautiful visuals, soothing music and an unforgettable underwater vision.

Many cruise ships are trying to bring this idea into their new models. Ponant Explorers’ six-ship line will all have this Blue Eye addition so there is plenty more to be looking forward to.


Enjoy an Elegant Cruise and Explore the World


These Pontant Explorers’ cruises aren’t just a simple getaway on a ship. Most days you are going to be exploring different terrestrial areas around the places that are on the ship’s schedule. If you aren’t into the many excursions and Zodiac trips that they provide and guide, then their on-board amenities are more than enough to keep you thoroughly enjoyed throughout the trip.

Expect gourmet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Relax at the pool or library on board. Attend one of the talks given by their many guests of honor. Receive a massage or enjoy a day at the spa. Regardless what it is you are looking for in a cruise, the Ponant Explorers cruise ships are some of the best in the world. All of the ships in the Explorers-class are named after French Explorers. The Le Laperouse is named after naval explorer Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse.

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