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Over the Shoulder View of Flying an F-16 Fighter Jet Over South Beach

OK so flying a fighter jet is kinda like driving a car only it’s much faster and you have a lot less room for activities. In this amazing video, you get an over-shoulder view of the Viper Demo Team pilot flying an F-16 fighter jet in the Miami Air Show over South Beach.

To fly a fighter jet over South Beach and have the call sign Viper… A boy can dream, can’t he?

It really doesn’t get much cooler than that! This guy is the real-life Maverick from Top Gun. What a cool job and thank you for your service to our nation Viper! United States air superiorority is a key way that we win wars and police the globe. This fighter jet is the razor-sharp tip of the United States air superiority spear. A crucial part of the United States Military and some of the most lethal technology ever built by humans.

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