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City of Miami Closes Spoil Islands Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend to Combat Pollution

Miami, FL – In a move to protect Biscayne Bay and its surrounding spoil islands from pollution, the City of Miami has announced the temporary closure of four spoil islands just ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend. The islands—Osprey Island, Morningside Island, Willis Island, and Pace Picnic Island (also known as “Teachers Island”)—will be off-limits to visitors starting Friday.

City officials emphasized the urgency of this decision in a press release on Wednesday, highlighting the escalating issue of contamination and littering on these popular recreational spots. The closure aims to mitigate the environmental damage caused by the influx of visitors during the holiday weekend.

“The Miami Police and Parks and Recreation Departments are collaborating to raise public awareness about the detrimental impacts of littering and will enforce existing laws and regulations,” the city said in a statement. “This is a temporary measure to evaluate and restore the natural beauty in our City and our waterways.”

The enforcement of the closure will be stringent, with the Marine Patrol unit adopting a zero-tolerance policy for trespassers. Boaters and other visitors who attempt to access the islands will face arrest.

Residents and tourists are encouraged to explore alternative destinations for their holiday activities. The city’s efforts to protect these natural resources are part of a broader initiative to promote environmental stewardship and responsible recreation among the public.

The closure is expected to remain in effect until further notice, allowing city officials to assess the environmental impact and implement restoration efforts. This proactive step underscores Miami’s commitment to preserving its natural habitats and ensuring sustainable enjoyment for future generations.

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, Miami’s authorities urge everyone to respect the closures and contribute to the conservation efforts by properly disposing of litter and respecting all local regulations.



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