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Bill Maher on his TV show Real Time with Bill Maher goes off on both political parties in his typical intelligent and hilarious style.

This week Bill Maher hammers the Democrats and the Republicans but he really goes in on the democrats in this episode. Maher compares representatives in Congress to lawyers, your legal representatives, and he says that Democrats have forgotten to represent their voters like lawyers represent their clients in court. Making the case that Democrats try to help too many people on too many different issues. Some of these issues argues Maher, are not popular with the American people and do not win the Democratic party any new voters. He also insinuates the Democrats being stubborn and self-righteous are holding up progress and handing elections to the Republicans in the process.

Which I have to agree with. The Democrats are the majority party and control two houses of government. Yet, they still can’t get anything done and are actually losing rights for their constituents, instead of gaining them many of the things promised in Biden’s campaign speeches. Biden was able to get infrastructure passed, and his team including Secretary of Defense Austin is doing an amazing job with the war in Ukraine. But he let Joe Manchin stop his plans to help American families and that was a stinging defeat coming from a member of Biden’s own political party. Then you toss in a few crazy views and opinions from the stubborn and unaccomplished “Squad” and Bernie Sanders. As well as record-high inflation and gas prices and you are literally giving control of the government to the corrupt Republicans.

Democrats knew the draft of Roe being overturned was leaked. But, no political ads were run at all. No organization was put in place to fight back, nothing was done at all to make any real impact. They were happy to do nothing and use it as a boost to turn out voters in their next election. The entire marketing apparatus of the Democratic Party needs to be retooled, modernized, and better funded.


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