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From Lake Okeechobee down to the Florida Keys, are all experiencing major gas shortages. The shortages began last week when South Florida experienced major, non-hurricane rainfall, making it impossible for fuel trucks to deliver necessary fuel. Ft Lauderdale alone experienced an unprecedented 25 inches of rain within a 6-hour period causing major flooding across the city and causing cars to get stuck, flooded, and damaged. The Ft Lauderdale airport terminals were so flooded planes were unable to fly, and the flooding continued into the airport itself. True to Florida, many videos began circulating of people swimming in the Ft Lauderdale streets! So luckily, it is not that there is a fuel shortage; rather, the trucks could not safely deliver. 

Once this began to be known, residents were asked not to “panic fuel up.” But what can you expect? Of course, people need fuel to get to work and live their lives, and people will try to get what they need. 

Where is Governor Ron DeSantis During This?!

You might be wondering where Governor Ron DeSantis is during this situation and what he is doing to help the people of his state. DeSantis is not only not addressing the situation, but he certainly isn’t offering any support or help. DeSantis has been on a campaign tour continuing his fight against Disney and LGBTQ+ people in D.C. and then proceeding to make a speech in the Carolinas giving an anti-woke speech, completely ignoring the distressing situation South Floridians are currently facing. DeSantis is so focused on his anti-gay anti-woke agenda that he’s missing all of the essential issues that Flordia is presently facing. The fact that he has any supporters at all is absolutely mind-boggling. 

Lower-Income People Bare the Biggest Burden

While the flooding is devastating for all South Floridans, and it was tragic seeing BMWs and Lamborghinis being completely flooded and destroyed, lower-income people will bear the most significant burden regarding this situation. These cars are insured, and people who can purchase luxury cars have more resources than someone who is paycheck to paycheck. 

A fuel shortage in South Florida mainly impact lower-income people because they are more likely to have limited financial resources to cope with higher fuel prices or to purchase alternative transportation options.

Many lower-income people may already be struggling to make ends meet, and any increase in fuel prices (that South Floridians can now expect) could put an additional financial strain on them. Sometimes, they may have to choose between buying food or paying for transportation to work or school.

Lower-income individuals are more likely to rely on public transportation or personal vehicles for transportation, as they may not have access to alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles or electric cars. Thus, a fuel shortage would make it more difficult for them to get around and access necessary services.

What South Floridians Can Do in the Future

If you live in South Florida it is always good to have extra gas stored for Hurricane season or for situations like these. Not everyone can do this, such as people living in apartment buildings who don’t have the safest place to store gasoline like a garage. But if you are able it’s advised to keep some on hand for hurricane preparation…or for an unforeseen gas shortage. In South Florida, the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable, and preparation is becoming more and more important.

Is There an End in Sight?

Reports are being made that fuel trucks are making their way to relieve South Floridians. If you’ve lived in South Florida for more than a minute, you know that this fuel shortage is comparable to a hurricane or post-hurricane shortage. During Hurricane Ian, the gas availability took several days to recover from. So although relief is coming, South Floridians can expect to still experience long lines and chaos for days to come. 

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