Area 51 Raid

The Area 51 raid was conceived when a regular bloke created a comical facebook event to raid the mysterious and famous military installation. Area 51 also called Groom Lake is home to a top-secret military test facility where the United States Government has tested some of its most advanced weaponry. Things like stealth airplanes and nuclear weapons have all been tested at this facility which is located in the middle of the desert to the Northwest of Las Vegas.

Besides being the most well known top-secret government facility Area 51 is also a point of interest for conspiracy theorists who believe the United States Government faked the moon landing, by shooting videos of a fake moon landing with the astronauts, at the Area 51 location. They argue that the Area 51 topography looks just like the moon landing videos. They also have some other points they try to make about the United States flag flying in zero gravity. However, it is to my limited understanding that we left mirrors up there that you can bounce a laser off from Earth. As well as other stuff NASA left behind that you can see from lunar orbit that proves the United States did not fake the moon landing.

Area 51 is also famous for the Roswell Incident were in a local newspaper wrote a news story that the United States Government had retrieved a crashed alien saucer from a crash site near Roswell, New Mexico. As the story goes the government took the aircraft and an alien or two from the crash site and they are now stored at Area 51. Where scientists study them and try to reverse engineer the alien technology for human use. Which some conspiracy theorists argue is the same technology behind all the computer chip and technology advancements of the 1980s. This is obviously a far fetched claim and the government strongly denies it. They say it was just a weather balloon that crashed at Roswell that night. Even Bill Clinton when he was elected President is said to have gone on an all-out search for any information the government had on aliens and found nothing.

But then again if he found any information, and they asked him to keep it a secret, would he even tell us? Probably not. So, for now, Area 51 very much remains a highly guarded secret and it’s not sure if that’s because we are protecting our own military secrets or alien secrets as well. There have been some claims made by former workers at Area 51 but then those people were later disproven or as the conspiracy theorists say had their identities erased… and from that statement alone you can see how far we are out into hokey pokey land we are on this one. So without further ado, clap some alien butt cheeks, and enjoy the memes you freaking Area 51 alien butt lovers!