Queen Elizabeth Has Died Memes Gallery

Queen Elizabeth has died and by most accounts, she was an amazing and honorable woman. She was a monarch for longer than I was alive, having been made Queen on February 6, 1952. Which is a long run, a much longer run than any other modern world leader. She has had one of the best reigns of any world leader in history, to be honest. She was in power and peacefully in power for generations.

There are some groups who will certainly have a bone to pick with her over her family’s history or apologies she may not have given them. But overall this was a good woman and a woman who could change with the times, right up to her last days she was evolving. That is a great sign of good leadership and high intelligence. It is very hard for the older generation to stay relevant and not get jaded with the times. Not doing so was certainly one of this Queen’s greatest strengths.

She learned from every situation and made changes in the family to benefit from this knowledge and strengthen its standing in the Kingdom. She was a truly successful monarch. I have to say so myself, and I don’t even think Queens should exist! Royal families? Genetic lottery winners? Taxpayer-funded genetic lottery winners? No way Jose! I would never support that. There is literally no such thing as royal human beings, they are just regular people. But I digress…

If you are going to have to have a Queen, you would want your Queen to be like Queen Elizabeth!