Last year, Amazon took on a big responsibility in their Prime Video. They premiered Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in August of 2018. If you aren’t familiar with this character, then you’ve been missing out on one of the best action spy thriller series’ on the planet. The series itself has reached almost thirty books currently. There have also been many movies in the past displaying characters from the Ryanverse that Tom Clancy created. John Krasinski stars in the newest series installment and it is incredible!

The Hunt for Red October


The whole series by Tom Clancy originated with the first book, The Hunt for Red October. In this debut novel, Jack Ryan has to convince his superiors that Marko Ramius, a Soviet submarine captain, is defecting to the United States. In doing so, these superiors must place their trust into a Soviet defector and hopefully obtain deadly weapons without starting a world war. A very enthralling novel. However, this was just the beginning of the Tom Clancy series and it has exploded since. The series is full of espionage, world ending weaponry and plenty of military action. Amazon’s adaptation with John Krasinski is no different.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan


As the series begins you are thrown right into the brutal world of war. Loss of lives becomes a normal scene very quickly. Soon after, you are introduced to John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan. CIA analyst and former United States marine. Through his spectacular perception, he discovers money being moved in Yemen in strange ways and tells his superiors about these red flags. His senses end up being correct and he is thrown into the action of preventing the world’s most recent terrorist. A man named Suleiman with many ill intentions is setting into motion a plan of destruction most of the world has never seen. Jack Ryan is soon thrown into a large number of dangerous situations, forced to find bread crumb trails to follow and save the modern world.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an enthralling new series and has a lot of potential for the future. If you enjoy a spy, action, adventure and thrilling military television series, Prime Video just released Season 2! Check it out!