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Jay Leno Hanging Out At SpaceX With Elon Musk.

Jay Leno takes a break from hanging around his garage and driving amazing exotic cars all around the neighborhood. To hang out at SpaceX with world-famous entrepreneur, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Jay receives a first-class tour of the new SpaceX facility Starbase and gets up close and personal with the rockets that someday may take the very first humans to Mars. One thing is for sure when you get that close to these giant space rockets, they are way bigger than they appear on TV during the rocket launches. These things are like small buildings! Even with their spacious size… I could not imagine being on one of these giant rockets to make the seven-month one-way trip to Mars. Then on top of being in that metal tube for seven months when you get to Mars, you can’t breathe the air so you live the rest of your life indoors and indoors in a place where they have no infrastructure at all. So essentially your like an inmate and cosmic explorer all mixed into one. You’ll def go down in that history books if that kind of legacy is what you are looking for. But for me, it feels more like being an interstellar inmate or a fish in a cosmic aquarium, than it does a fun adventure to enjoy. I’d rather try, though hard it may be, to get my name in the history books right down here on Earth. Then risk ending up in a potential living hell on another planet. Seems like a lot safer and more fun!

Does Anyone Really Want To Live On Mars?

Musk wants to wait for Mars to get close to Earth’s orbit before launching the rockets to populate the Red Planet. He essentially wants to send one rocket after another until he has a fairly sizable population of humans living on Mars. My only question is where is he going to put them all? In tent-type structures? If you move thousands of humans to Mars you need a lot of housing, common areas, and most importantly bathrooms and trash dumps! I have not seen Elon Musk’s plans for any of this stuff or for keeping people sane in this reduced size maze of oxygen chambers that he is going to create for humans to live in on Mars. Yes, someday on Mars there may be huge indoor gardens and facilities where a human can enjoy their life. But we barely have structures like that here on Earth currently. Take a stadium, stadiums are big but are they big enough to replicate the outdoors? Humans evolved over millions of years to be perfect for this planet’s outdoor habitability requirements, not the ones on Mars. So with nothing in place to make concrete, electric wire, and complex computer systems. Development on Mars could be very slow and the first humans living there will be in a torturous, dangerous, and miserable environment for a long time. It will get very old, very quickly, for the first humans to move to Mars. Even the tent-like structures that are connected by breezeways in Musk’s drawings will not be on Mars when the first humans arrive. They will need to set up a home on the very first day that they get there! Think Naked and Afraid on another planet…

Forget About Cable TV And Reliable Wifi People, Mars Will Totally Suck Balls For Anyone Dumb Enough To Go…

Also, Elon Musk is from apartheid Africa and he has had many employee complaints at Tesla including some about racism. The people going to Mars are supposed to stay for the rest of their life, it’s a one-way trip. Though I’m sure Musk will go back and forth at least once since he is the owner…

So Musk is creating an environment where he has a lifelong, captive workforce, to build out Mars for him. While he is the only person who can go back and forth to the red planet to see them. Given the fact that he has a father who ran apartheid emerald mines in South Africa. The idea of Musk having a workforce under no laws that he controls with impunity should scare everyone. Musk will essentially control whether or not they eat, live, die, or ever get to come home at all. This is too much power for one man and one corporation and should deeply worry everyone considering going to Mars. Especially with Musk’s recent attraction to Trump like racist, dictator-loving, right-wing politics.

Elon Musk Is Not Stable Enough To Run His Own Planet.

Anyone who thinks Elon Musk is cut out to operate his own planet has not been paying attention to who Elon Musk really is as a person. He had twins with an executive at his company Star Link. He was accused of sexual assault by a massage girl that he tried to groom to give him happy endings on SpaceX private jets. He pollutes near Earth’s orbit with thousands of unneeded satellites. He pollutes the Earth’s atmosphere with rocket emissions. He has had multiple worker safety issues and massive recalls at Tesla. He has even been involved in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trials. Elon Musk is a chubby, computer-nerd, turned wanna-be rich playboy. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does mean he is not stable or mature enough to run his own planet for God’s sake. That is for sure and without a shadow’s doubt my freinds. I think that no one except me has actually sat down, to think through the implications, of this man having his own planet. That should also scare everyone! The United States government needs to step up and reel Musk in, like reeling in a giant sailfish on a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip with your boys. Elon Musk has too much money and too much power to be as unstable as he is corporately, mentally, and socially. The last thing he needs is his own damn planet and an indentured slave-like workforce!


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