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So youre interested in CBD but you have all types of questions. One main question you may have is, “How long will it stay in my system?” This is a question that information can be given as long as there are certain variables ascertained beforehand. The level of CBD in your system entirely depends on strength of the product, dosage (frequency used) and the type of CBD/how it was ingested. 


CBD in Your System


First and foremost let’s go over CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabis-derived compound. Legal amounts of CBD are defined as the extracts of the hemp portion of the plant as long as the derivative contains less than .3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive drug portion from the cannabis plant that is illegal in certain areas. Just to be clear CBD is not illegal. Ingesting CBD as an alternative to marijuana is a viable option because CBD is not tested for. Also, it has similar relaxing qualities, while neutralizing the chance of having a “high,” from the psychoactive drug known as marijuana. 


What CBD Product Are You Using?


All types of CBD products are littering the market. Your choice of CBD product will dictate not only the type of way you’ll be ingesting it, but also the potency of such product. Options include:

  • Tinctures
  • Vapes
  • Edibles
  • Pills
  • Creams
  • Concentrates

There are different ways of application or ingestion for these products as well as potency.




The dosage of CBD that you choose to use is entirely up to you. If you’re new to this then we’ll go over all of these types of CBD products to ensure proper use. Ideally you don’t get your first batch of CBD product and abuse it by ingesting way more than the suggested amount. Here’s a few different tips to keep in mind when taking CBD. 


CBD Tinctures


CBD Tinctures are made by taking a neutral based high proof alcohol such as vodka and soaking the CBD buds in it to infuse the alcohol. After a minimum of 6 weeks you will have your tincture. Strain the buds out and boom. CBD Tinctures are very pure concentrates of CBD so they usually come with droppers to ensure careful and small use of them. We recommend starting with one dropper and waiting before taking more. Using this strategy you’ll be able to decide the amount ideal for you. Ingesting can be done by dropping it directly to your tongue, or mixing it with a drink or soup. 


CBD Vapes


CBD Vapes are a bit simpler when choosing. Their potency level is listed and it all comes to when you feel you’ve had enough puffs of said vape. We recommend starting with about 50mg and taking just a couple of drags from your vape and being patient for the effects. This particular product is a great start for people. Especially if you’re already used to smoking or vaping. In this situation it would be a very easy transition. 



CBD Edibles


Another go to starter for CBD beginners are CBD Edibles. CBD Edibles are as easy as they sound. They are snacks infused with CBD! Gummies, Lozenges and Chocolates are a few of the popular options. People like these because they hide the flavor of the earthy CBD. Also, gummies are always a familiar item that makes people happy! These come in packages with the potency labeled. Easily consumed but also easily abused. Just because they’re good doesn’t mean keep shoveling the sweets into you! 


CBD Pills


Probably the even more so easily abused. CBD Pills are bought in medicine sized bottles. They contain the allotted amount of pills displayed on the package and potency as well. These are just sleek capsules containing CBD. These are usually for people experienced in CBD knowing exactly how much to intake at one time. We do not recommend starting with capsules unless you know the amount of CBD you are wanting or needing to intake. 


CBD Creams


CBD Creams are topical versions of CBD. People usually get this when they don’t wish to inhale or ingest CBD products. These are simple because you rub on the desired cream and patiently wait for the results. Most of these creams, salves and balms claim to be for skin support and health. Personally, I have very good results from these creams with joint pain. 



CBD Concentrates


CBD concentrates are one of the most potent, if not the most potent, form of CBD available. It is literally concentrated CBD oil made into a pure form available for use. These are mainly used by a CBD vaporizer, a CBD dab rig or some can even be added to food or drink. Another form of CBD I wouldn’t immediately recommend to the CBD novice. The effects of CBD will be very noticeable almost immediately in this case. 


Is CBD Still in My System?


Now that we covered all the different types of CBD, we can talk about the length of time it stays in you. Depending on what type of CBD you take, the effects could be instant or take up to an hour to activate. Most users report that once activated, the effects last an average of 5-6 hours. Most studies show that the actual traces of CBD stays in your system for 5 – 7 days. Once again, thankfully CBD is legal and traces of it being in your system won’t be a fault. 


Try it Out


What do you think about CBD? The options of this product are very expansive. The positive results of this CBD boom are being seen day after day. Remember this is now a legal product in the United States unlike the alternative THC from the same Cannabis plant. There are even CBD products aimed towards all your furry companions! Interested in trying CBD out? Check out our CBDipedia superstore. It’s your one stop shop for all things CBD including all of the products i mentioned above. CBDipedia does its best to maintain having the most premium products available to you on the market. 

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