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The one, the only, Rufus Du Sol with a brand new full set for you to enjoy. Just remember where you heard it first folks!

SFL.Media is the only website in the country publishing this type of content let’s just be real ya’ll. We publish more crispy fresh EDM sets than any other website in the solar system. So make sure you come back and check us out daily for more dope DJs like Rufus and more amazing full EDM sets like this one. Pull up your starship and plug into some of the best content your ears can absorb this side of Saturn’s rings. Our EDM section on this dope AF website is out of this world hot you guys! SFL Media is the industry leader in EDM online and we are honestly just getting started my friends.

This is another one of those cool outdoor EDM sets that have been popping up all over YouTube lately. These are really a great vibe because the music that is usually played in packed arenas and concert venues is now being played in wide open spaces outdoors and you know what? It works, it really works. The house music goes so well with nature and these amazing views its awesome. I never would have thought to put an electronic DJ out in nature. But, I have to admit it’s awesome. Whoever thought this up is an internet video content genius. They have literally taken over the entire EDM industry for the winter with these cool new outdoor house music videos. Pretty awesome accomplishment!

This set has all of Rufus’s new jams that you want to hear like “On My Knees Again” and a bunch of his old jams as well. If you like Rufus Du Sol then you will love this full set, it’s exactly what you are looking for right now. If you have ever been to a Rufus concert then you know it’s a lot of lights and stagecraft so you never really get a good look at Rufus. However, in this daylight nature set you get a clear view of the artist and can watch him work his magic on the DJ kit right in front of your eyes. At SFL Media you get the best seats in the house, front-row seats, so sit back and enjoy the show! Rufus Du Sol everyone! Full set!!!

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