What can we say about Will Smith at last night’s Academy Awards?


It was like watching all the amazing luck Will Smith has had going for him his entire life finally run out. Will Smith’s image went from squeaky clean to dirty as hell after just one night out with his gaslighting wife Jada Pinkett Smith. During the awards show in which Will Smith would eventually win the Best Actor Award. A sort of lifetime achievement for him who has never won an Oscar before in his illustrious career. Things took a turn for the worse when Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada. Calling her the next GI Jane because of her short haircut. Will Smith Academy Awards MemeWill appeared to laugh at first but then Jada rolled her eyes hard AF and the camera panned away. Next thing you know, Will Smith is walking up on stage at a brisk pace and he proceeds to bitch slap Chris Rock right in the face at full strength. Chris Rock didn’t go down and handled the incident like a pro. But, it must have hurt like hell. Not even getting into the obvious ego blow of being slapped on national television by Will Smith, a mega-celebrity. After slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith sat back down and went on an anger-filled curse word laden tirade, screaming so loud that the entire theatre and everyone at home could hear him.

For those of us watching the Academy Awards at home, it was one crazy evening of television!

Everyone was calling and texting each other. Sending Will Smith Academy Awards memes. No one could believe that Will Smith finally torched his good-guy image or that he did it in such a dramatic fashion and on such an important night. It was like wow! Literally, WTF just happened!? Then after the incident, Will Smith still accepted the award and he cried so hard on stage that he had snot pouring out of his nose. The cameraman had to cut away to a blank screen with the awards show logo on it multiple times to cover for him. All in all, it was a total and complete shit show of an Oscar evening. A circus where one man ruined the Awards show for over 12 million people watching at home. Then he sat there unbothered and was even given an award for his God-awful behavior. To cap off the worst night of his life, Will Smith could be seen dancing to his own music, with his award in hand, and having a ball with his friends, like he didn’t just assault someone live on national TV. Talk about celebrity privilege…

Just for the record, the Academy seemed paralyzed by the incident and had no security in place to stop it. They made no effort to keep Chris Rock safe, remove Will Smith, or provide any type of security for all the important guests at the Award’s show.



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